WARNING: This is a rant, I am pissed and I am only going to just barely censor myself.

Film makers, musicians, writers etc. GET OVER YOURSELVES! I realize you work hard for what you do, and you get paid well to do it, but do you not realize that by shutting down people who want to enjoy and share your work you are hurting yourself, rather than protecting your work? Case in point: Youtube. A good deal of my favorite videos have been forced off the internet, why? bad language? nudity? nope. They had the audacity to use your music as a background score to compliment their own works. You should be glad that people would choose your music, and want to share it with others, for whatever reason. Maybe what you sang about expressed what the individual was trying to convey, or created the mood they were after. SHAME ON YOU! Why do you do this? so you can get a couple cents of royalties? Please. Did it occur to you that maybe someone would hear your songs, like them and want to buy the CD or MP3? Idiots.

And Hollywood, SHUT THE $#&@ UP ALREADY!

I want to watch movies and enjoy them for what they are, not listen to your idiotic politics which nobody gives a damn about! Who decided that your opinions matter? Since when should I care what you think? Sean Penn, go to @$&#!!! Alec Baldwin, I try to like ya man, but shut up and act. Rosie O'Donnell? Um, eat @#&$ and die. I nave nothing nice to say to you.


GROW A PAIR! We elect you to do a job, not protect your own interests. When we say "NO" we mean it, and the more you push everyday working Americans into a corner, the closer we are to lashing out at you by any means available. Maybe thats why you are suddenly trying to push radical new controls on guns, restricting the sale of ammunition, controlling free speech via the "fairness doctrine" and trying to control the citizens ability to travel these states with ever tighter and more insane regulations of air traffic. I have to ask permission from the government to fly my plane to Canada now. Does Canada care if I want to fly there? NO. But the DHS seems to think it should care. It wants to know when I want to fly, and who is on my plane. If I fly to Canada (or any other country for that matter) I now have to send a manifest of the "crew" that being my Wife and I to the DHS to be screened against the "no-fly-list". Then, I can not depart on said flight without receiving a confirmation email from CBP authorizing the flight. How long does this take? They will not say. How do I know they received my request? I don't. But if I assume all is in order and depart, its a $5,000 fine for the first time, then $10,000 each thereafter. Give me a freaking break! If I was a terrorist do you really think I would give a damn about your rules?


You can all kiss my pissed off over-regulated hairy white @$$.

Stop trying to create fear and suspicion where there is none. And what part of "innocent until proven guilty" do you not understand? or Due Process?

You need to be stopped.

Can anyone say "CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE"? "Ive got your non-compliant attitude, RIGHT HERE!"

I think as long as the politicians can choose what taxes to pay and what laws to obey, I should be able to do the same, after all, you people work for me.

Lately you have been working against me, so far you have raised my taxes, jacked up my energy costs, cut off credit, shut down a good portion of my flying, put me out of a job and told me its all for my own good, and not to worry, because Big Brother is here to save me.


Hows that for exercising my First Amendment rights @$$-HOLES!

Rant Over.

But really, think about it...


Cherokee Dad said...

Wow, what an awsesome rant. I totally agree with your feelings about these various issues you mentioned and are felt by many Patriotic Americans especially in these days and times.

lonestar said...

Amen to that. btw, I think you censored yourself quite nicely / creatively ;).

Lori Lamb said...

AWESOME rant!!! I couldn't agree more.