More Air-to-Air photos

It was another beautiful day in Juneau, so my friend and I went out on a photo mission. We had to get while the gettin' was good since I have to go back to work tomorrow...

You can see the full gallery here: http://picasaweb.google.com/GeronimoDriver/ApacheFlying#
and click on the pics to see full resolution.


Fun day!

Saturday was a good day.
We got out of bed and I just felt like flying, and actually doing something useful with the plane instead of just burning gas...
I called up my friend Sean (that's his Tripacer in the pics) and we went back and forth trying to decide where to go. Eventually we settled on Hoonah, because it is close and he has a Jeep stashed there. But what to do when we got there? How about a drive out the road in the Jeep, followed by a short hike to get to a sandy beach at Spaski Bay? Sounds good! So we gather the dog, lawn chairs, marshmallows and hot dogs and set off for a day on the beach!

We had a great time cooking hotdogs over the fire, flaming marshmallows, throwing sticks for Noni, and just watching the world go by.

We also got some great air-to-air shots of each others planes as a bonus.


You always hear the stories about Moose in "urban Alaska".
Well, they are true. I see moose almost every time I go to Anchorage, just walking around town.
This last week I saw two, one by the airport and this one just outside the hotel I stayed at. Amazing how close she let me get to take her picture...


New Video

I made this from clips I took while at work.

Featured are the Navajo and 207 in Bethel, Emmonak, Stebbins, Yukon River, Russian Mission, Toksook Bay and Kwethluk.

Minor Remodel Project

I just finished a small remodel project on the house. We had some really annoying cabinets hanging over the bar between out kitchen and dining room that were always getting in the way. A couple days ago I pulled them down then had a friend of our come over and wire in some new pendant lights to go in the place where the cabinets were. We also installed a dimmer switch for them as well as a new outlet while we were at it. After some painting the area looks much better, and is much more functional now. It also feels a lot more open and bright, with a nice ambiance provided by the stained glass pendents. This of course snowballed into removing the hideous old ceiling fan in the dining room and replacing it with a matching chandelier. That looked great once I got the chain looking right, but because the lights face down and the glass is heavily tinted the new light made the room much darker, although the table was very well lit. Perfect for dining and relaxing but sometimes you just need the room lit up. This led to yet another trip to Home Depot last night to get a new ceiling light to replace one that had stopped working right after we bought the house. We had assumed the bulbs were burned out and had gotten used to it not working since I could not get the glass unstuck from it to change the bulbs. I ended up taking a hammer to it. The glass doesn't exist anymore. Turns out the bulbs were fine and the problem was with the installation itself. Whoever put that light in did not know what they were doing since they just twisted the wires together, and the ground had come loose... Well, now there is a properly installed and matching lamp up there that puts out plenty of light when we need it.

Dining Room

Pendants and Chandelier from Kitchen

New Chandelier, also fixed and hung our mirror

Light Shades

New Ceiling Light


Photo Journal: 12-4-09

Sorry I have not posted anything with substance lately, I have been busy with work... However yesterday I went flying with a friend in his '58 Tri Pacer. He had never been up over the Ice Fields, and we could not have picked a better day for him to experience it. What do you think?