One Six Right

If you have not seen the film "One Six Right", you should. Highlighting the history of the Van Nuys Airport, it is an incredibly beautiful documentary about general aviation and its rich history. You'll gain an appreciation for private aviation and how it serves the community as a whole and on the local level, as well as see some of the most beautiful aerial cinematography ever produced. You can learn more at www.onesixright.com

Here is the official trailer, enjoy.

Also, here is a trailer for their next film

And a clip from One Six Right

Photo of the Week

After waiting all fall, I have finally got our plane in a hangar.
Maybe now I can get some work done on her...
Doesn't she look sexy?

Click for full size image.

Back to work...

Well I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and I wish a happy new year to all. I will be starting my new year on my way back to Bethel. It was -22c the other day. A guy said something about freak ice storms. Sweet.


New videos

I have recently added some new videos to YouTube. They include a new one I made from my last rotation at work in Bethel, one I made last year when I was towing gliders in Hawaii, and some I have edited together from some of my old VHS movies I made years ago in my Pacer. The footage of the Tri-Pacer at the end is poor quality but I am glad to have it. It is the only footage I have of my wife flying solo in her plane...

Photo of the Week

Three Whiskey Golf, waiting patiently to return to the skies...
I can't wait till the next time we disturb the peace with a little 470HP symphony.


Hello all, I apologize for not updating my blog more frequently lately, but as you probably know, I was at work for a couple weeks (without internet access) and since I got home I have been busy with Christmas stuff... Its not a bad thing, this is the first time in the last few years that I have been able to be home for the holidays, and it is the first time since 2001 that we have had a tree and decorations. I'll post some pics for ya'll in a couple days, but untill then, Merry Christmas everyone!