Photo of the Week

The Apaztec* resplendent in the early dawn sunshine at Walsenburg Colorado.

Click for full size.

*Apaztec= A Piper anomaly, built as an Aztec but called an Apache. Suffers from an acute identity crisis, being that it is not quite 100% Aztec, but hardly is she an Apache by any definition. You Decide, If it quacks like a duck...


For all those that have not followed our vacation (July 25 to today) on Jen's Blog I'll give you a brief update and add some pictures for everyone to enjoy here, here and here. Its about 1500 pictures and I have only added captions to about half of the ones that I want to on the first set. Thw last set is a mix of pics from my Dad's and Grandma's cameras, including some more pics of our flight up from Bellingham in the Apache.

Needless to say, we have had a great time flying the plane around the Lower 48 for a couple weeks, then returning home and spending a couple weeks with visiting family. It was a great time for Jen and I to "play tourist" at home and do some activities we don't normally enjoy or to see them from a tourists point of view... A good time was had by all as we went to the Mendenhall Glacier, Mount Roberts Tram, Downtown Juneau, a back country tour of Hoonah, whale watching, a trip to Skagway with Ice field tour, Dog Sledding, a trip "out the road" and much more...

I will be going back to work in Bethel tomorrow on my original 15-day schedule. I think work will be a lot more tolerable with the shorter schedule. Twenty days out there is way too much.

I'll try to post more often, no guarantees however...