Having finished the bulk of the work on the plane, I am now concentrating on all the little finishing details. Today's project: Operation Spinner Shine. I am a sucker for polished spinners, so it was inevitable that I should tackle the project on the Apache. I had previously done this on my Wife's Tri-Pacer years ago, however, I have since learned to polish aluminum better (that means this time it took longer and cost more). Interestingly, the last time I polished a spinner, it was for a friends Apache in SLC. Upon finishing one side, I had one of those "Gee, I love owning a twin" moments when I thought "Aww crap, now I get to do the other side". It can wait until next month.
I also replaced the air filters today, which prompted me to repaint the covers for them. Hmm... New spark plugs, oil change and maybe a fresh battery and she's ready to unleash the fury in search of the perfect $100, umm, I mean $200 latte.

Oh yes.

Noni keeps guard, lest the evil snowplow get too close.

She's starting to look like an airplane again.

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