I am the "Pavement Muncher"!

...With a shark-toothed grin, Don't know if my gear will come down again!

It is time to tell this story, the Saga of N417PM over the last couple months.

It all started with "Papa Mike" (Now also known as "Pavement Muncher")
Sitting in the maintenance hangar for a while, I forget why. One of our pilots, Taka, got the idea to paint a shark mouth on the plane. Since we were short on planes, Taka and I were not flying and pretty bored so with an OK from the boss, we drew up a plan and got to work:

Myself, masking the design.

Now, this would have been the end of the story. Nose art done, time to fly right?
Sure, except I had made a comment to Taka while painting to the effect of "You watch, I bet this thing gets balled up in the next two months and we'll have to repaint it all over again..."


A month Later:

A hydraulic line in the nose wheel well had broken, which caused all attempts to lower the nose wheel to fail, dumping all her hydraulic fluid overboard in the process.

After flying around for a couple hours to burn off fuel, the plane landed in a textbook perfect emergency landing. Both props were feathered just before touchdown and the plane slid to a stop with only minor skin damage to the nose, a broken stringer and two pancaked pitot tubes.
There were no injuries to the pilot or passengers, who exited through the overwing exit on the right side.

This month, after scavenging a new nose from a carcass Navajo and a little spray paint, "Papa Mike" returned to the skies in all its eclectic glory. She was my ride for most of the shift this month and other that being a bit nose heavy (all that paint?) she performs great, maybe I found a new favorite Navajo?

Taken a few days ago at Mekoryuk, on Nunivak Island.


Cherokee Dad said...

Great story about "Pavement Muncher" N417PM and glad to see her flying once again and that no one was hurt. You have an affinity for things or animals with certain afflictions that you get close to and attached to such as the current history of the "pavement Muncher" and reminds me of the three legged dog you once had called "TriPod". I'm glad to see N417pm is becoming your new found Navajo flyer. Your artwork looks awesome even while munching on the pavement.

Cherokee Dad said...

Vgerdeb says you, your art work, and your pictures of your "Pavement Muncher" are totally awesome.

GeronimoDriver said...

That dogs name was "Tracks" for the record. That was his given name, "Tripod" was an abomination given to him by the pound...